28 Photos That Perfectly Sum up Our Addiction to Technology

Technology: for better or worse?
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As we become increasingly reliant on technology to get through our day to day lives, French illustrator Jean Jullien reminds us that technology also has its downsides, highlighting the ways in which technology, social media and our smartphones are changing the world we live in.

In his own satirical style he illustrates how smartphones and technology in general is connecting us to people anywhere in the world, whilst completely isolating us from those right next to us. To see more of Jullien's work visit jeanjullien.com.

1. Breakfast Time

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

2. Stranger On The Subway

3. Taking Photos

4. Freedom

5. Always Plugged In

6. Never Alone

7. Smartphone Tan

8. Concerts

9. Fine Dining

10. Instagram

11. The Apple Revolution

12. It Turns Me On When You Turn it Off

13. Everyone Has An Apple

14. Royal Baby

15. Relationships

16. Dinner Time

17. Romance is Dead

18. Smartphone Slave

19. The Future of Photography

20. Summer Time

21. Where Did All The Fun People Go?

22. Happy Valentines

23. The Irony

24. Santa Pays A Visit

25. E-cigarettes

26. Infomaniac

27. You, Me and My Followers

28. Self Service

Source: jeanjullien.com