Dad Turns His 4-Month-Old Son into Adorable Elf on the Shelf

So cute!
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Dad of six Alan Lawrence from Utah decided to give his own twist to the Elf on the Shelf tradition this Christmas by turning his youngest son, 4-month-old baby Rockwell into a tiny elf. Dressing Rockwell up in the cutest little elf outfit ever made by Lawrence's wife he set about documenting his fun adventures.

Lawrence came up with the idea after being inspired by friends and family who always have an Elf on the Shelf during Christmas, but decided because he already has a cute 4-month-old son, why not make a fun series featuring a real elf instead!. 

Lawrence is planning on posting more photos right up until Christmas. You may be thinking that some of these stunts are a little dangerous for someone so young but don't worry, Lawrence is quite the expert when it comes to photo editing. You can see more here.