Funny Illustrations Show the Brutal Realities of Everyday Life

So on point.
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With an element of satire about them these illustrations by artist Eduardo Salles poke fun at the society we live in today by highlighting the flaws and pitfalls that we encounter in every day life, from pop culture, smart phones, the media and more.

His often blunt approach to his subject matter makes for some pretty hard hitting and all too true observations about the world we live in, only made slightly more fun after they've been masked behind his own humorous style. To see more of Salle's work you can visit and Twitter.

1. How to be happy.

2. To be evil... be a cat.

3. Forget Jehova's witnesses.

4. How you really feel when messaging someone.

5. The media.

6. How education holds people back.

7. Mixed messages.

8. Inspirational quotes taken to the extreme.

9. Spoiler alert!

10. The best things in life are free.

11. Society.

12. The bible throughout the centuries.

13. When trying to diet.

14. How to have bad taste.

15. A tragic christmas tale.

16. Eating habits.

17. The death of books.

18. The deep web.

19. Childhood monsters Vs. Adulthood monsters.

20. Jesus.