Photographer Spends 10 Days Travelling Across Iceland to Capture Stunning Photos

Just as it should be on everyones bucket list, Iceland had be on photographer William Patino’s for quite some time. He’d seen the thousands if not millions of images of Iceland on the internet but wanted to see it for himself and upon arriving he wasn’t disappointed.

Iceland is a country famous for its geographic diversity with everything from volcanoes and volcanic landscape to hot geysers, springs and stunning waterfalls. Upon day 1 of his 10 day adventure around Iceland Patnio was left in awe, particularly by the Northern Lights which dance across the nights sky in vivid green hues. Check out the photos below. You can see more of Patnio’s work here.

William Patino / Icelandic window views
William Patino / Dance of the Universe
William Patino / Bring me to life
William Patino / Sea of stars
William Patino / I am/Infinity
William Patino / Unity
William Patino / Refuse to sink
William Patino / Presence of the Almighty
William Patino /  Golden fields
William Patino / Reflective moments

Source: William Patino

h/t Boredpanda

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