The 29 Dumbest Things to Happen in 2015

Social media allows anyone to share just about anything they want, from opinions on current events to what they’re up to at that very moment… but the slightest spelling mistake can send the completely wrong message. Here are 29 of the dumbest things to happen in 2015… if only they had checked their spelling!.

1. The versionities.

2. The best smell there is.

3. This technology troubleshoot.

4. This statement on vaccines.

5. This solid plan.

6. This sudden realisation.

7. She did the maths.

8. The tastiest kind of soup.

9. The most dangerous salad in the world.

10. This not so observant tumblr user.

11. The hippo gangsters.

12. How could McDonald’s make such a mistake!

13. Asking the important questions.

14. The absolute apidimi of summer.

15. This sudden realisation.

16. When Caitlin discovered something new about her son.

17. Barry and his hatchet.

18. This celebration.

19. When someone lost their cars 710.

20. Absolute fire.

21. The world’s deadliest haircut.

22. The most beautiful smell ever.

23. The pizza that wouldn’t play.

24. That damn windshield factor.

25. This milestone.

26. The most important meal of the day.

27. Life is crazy.

28. This huge mistake.

29. Happy birthday earth!

h/t Buzzfeed

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