Tiger Becomes Best Friends with the Goat That Was Given to Him as Food


When zookeepers at the Primorye Safari Park recently placed a goat named Timur into Amur the Siberian tiger’s enclosure they certainly didn’t expect this to happen. Instead of treating the goat like his prey, Amur seemed to take to the goat as if he was a friend which has left onlookers and the zoo keepers stunned.

According to Amur’s caretakers he’s never behaved this way before towards another animal during his bi-weekly live animal feedings. The duo can be seen during the day walking together like good friends as Timur takes Amur for an alpha male which is why he follows him everywhere. Since the moment they met they’ve barely left each others side and Amur has continued to eat raw meat and protect his new friend.

Zookeepers are uncertain of how long their friendship will last and whether or not Amur will go back to eating live prey. At the moment though they are showing us all how friendship can develop in the most unlikely of places.


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