15 Tweets That Sum up the Lengths You Will Go to Avoid People

Sometimes you’ll do anything to avoid talking to others. For some it’s just a morning occurrence whilst for the more introverted amongst us it’s a permanent one that’s far more common than you’d think. This universal feeling has sparked the hashtag #ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople on Twitter and some of the lengths people would go to avoid others is hilarious.

1. Having really bad table manners means you probably won’t have to worry about having friends for long.


2. Expressing your love for Nickleback will also scare others off.


3. You could also disguise yourself as a chair, that way nobody will even know you’re there.


4. Learning advanced ninja skills will mean you can slip away at a moments notice.


5. The chances of them being into this kind of stuff are fairly slim.


6. You could just go all out gross.


7. Declare your obsessive love for cats.


8. If that doesn’t work there’s always the more extreme options.


9. You can bore them away with your chicken sweater knitting hobby.


10. You could seriously weird them out with a squirrel beard. Added bonus: keeps face warm.


11. Do what people hate the most and they’ll leave you alone.


12. There’s something about this monkey that will most probably keep people away.


13. You could just become cereal.


14. How to make sure nobody talks to you.


15. Finally, if all else fails.

h/t Buzzfeed

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