18 Pictures That Prove You're the Worst Person Ever When Drunk

Drunk you is the worst.
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Let's face it, when you're drunk you're hardly at you're very best. Sure, it seems great at the time, but the chances are that after a night of drinking the aftermath you face in the morning is a sight to behold. From using the phone charger on a chocolate bar to not even being able to use doors, here are 18 pictures that prove you're the worst kind of person ever when drunk.

1. Drunk you doesn't do doors.

2. Drunk you sucks at keeping the time.

3. Drunk you doesn't make any sense at all.

4. Drunk you is out to get your sober self.

funny things people do when drunk 13.jpg

5. Being drunk just makes you a bit of an idiot.



6. Drunk you is actually quite creepy.

7. Drunk you has some pretty terrible ideas.

8. Drunk you really can't deal with doors.

9. Drunk you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Facebook.

10. When your're drunk side thinks it's being helpful, it isn't.

11. Drunk you will sleep just about anywhere.

12. Drunk you can't text.

13. Drunk you makes the worst kind of decisions.

14. Drunk you shouldn't be trusted with valuable things.

15. Drunk you sucks at giving gifts.

16. Drunk you should really avoid feeding the pets.

17. Finally, drunk you should stay out of the kitchen.

18. Seriously.