20 Pictures That Smart People Will Never Be Able to Relate Too

Not being the brightest crayon in the box isn’t all that bad, but it certainly makes life a little harder. These photos are for all the people out there that don’t even know what they don’t know.

1. When this happens.

2. Exams are the absolute worst.

3. You’re full of insightful questions.

4. This is your brain when it comes to math.

5. When giving tips…

6. The calculator is your best friend.

7. Sometimes you have to take desperate measures.

8. This was or still is your number one goal.

9. You do this a lot.

10. This is your life’s motto.

11. Your own brain is out to get you.

12. Sometimes you take shortcuts.

13. Trying to make it all disappear.

14. This terrible feeling.

15. Good luck submitting that.

16. When it all gets too much.

17. Sometimes prayer is the only way.

18. Sometimes you’ll do anything to try and score a point.

19. Math makes you go full Bieber.

20. And sometimes you just give up all together.

h/t Buzzfeed

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