22 Satirical Illustrations That Show How We've Become Addicted to Technology

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Has technology gone too far? one look at these satirical illustrations and you'll be asking yourself just that. Art has long been a way of documenting the present and commenting on social issues, something that todays artists continue to do through their thought provoking illustrations that comment on technology and the impact that it's having on our society.

As a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, how true do you think these illustrations are and which one sends the strongest message?. Here are 22 satirical illustrations that show how we've become addicted to technology. 

1. Anyone want to play?

2. Facebook is the window to the world.

3. Sexting.

4. Crossing the road.

5. Likes for your ego.

6. Likeholic

7. Modern tan.



8. Stranger on the subway.

9. Literature.

10. Islands.

11. Tweet.

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12. Facebook, a place for confessions.

13. Smartphone zombies.

14. Can't escape.

15. Gossip.

16. Roots.

17. Never alone.

18. Romantic meal for two.

19. Owned.

20. What's on TV tonight?

21. Before Smartphones...

22. E-King.

Manu Cornet

Manu Cornet