23 People Who Had One Job and Absolutely Nailed It

This will please any perfectionist.
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The internet is overrun with photos of people that 'had one job' and still managed to mess up, but what about all of the people out there are doing a good job? these 23 gloriously satisfying images are in honour of them. Here are 23 people who had one job and nailed it.

1. The person who arranged these hangers so perfectly.

2. Or the person who turned these shelves into a beautiful array of colours.

3. Whoever managed to resist eating all of the Oreo's and stacked them like this instead.

4. The person who took cable management to a whole other level.

5. Seriously, just look how amazing this looks.

6. The office worker who arranged these files.

7. This desk in a university library. Someone did seriously well here.

8. Whoever turned vegetables into art!

9. This grocery store worker who arranged this sculpture of apples.

10. And this glorious pyramid of Cherries.

11. Not to mention whoever turned these carrots into a work of art worthy of a place in a museum.

12. Whoever made this beer aisle look so damn good.

13. The employe responsible for this soul soothing bottle arrangement.

14. The worker who arranged all of these drinks.



15. Someone should give this chef a raise.

16. Whoever is responsible for these egg yolks.

17. The valet that parked these cars.

18. Someone took the time to sort through all of these M&M's and it's amazing.

19. Whoever packed all of these boxes together, thank you.

20. Whoever designed this lecture room.

21. This flawless arrangement of books.

22. He might not even work here, but he deserves to get paid!

23. Finally, the person responsible for this beautiful arrangement.

h/t Buzzfeed