23 Pictures That Prove 2016 Is Already Doomed

We’re hardly a month into 2016 and already the year is doomed. Don’t believe it? just check out these 23 devastating photos. Be warned though, they might just make you lose all faith in humanity.

1. Girls these days…

2. This happy birthday message for earth.

3. This person who’s got a serious problem with Arthur.

4. This important question.

5. Mark Zuckerberg has no idea.

6. They did the math.

7. Devil and his evil angles.

8. He might be on to something here.

9. Say no to the law of Shania.

10. Flawless logic.

11. Caramel strikes back.

12. No more Voldemort.

13. The history of the NFL.

14. Now we know Obama’s real name.

15. Beyonce doing the impossible.

16. McDonald’s are useless…

17. Why won’t anything work?

18. The police haven’t got anything on this detective.

19. The inspiring milk.

20. This tragic discovery.

21. They’re going to be waiting a while for this.

22. This question needs answering.

23. Finally, this geographical genius.


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