25 Pictures About Life That Are so True They’re Hilarious

Being a human can be tough sometimes and these 25 hilarious pictures pretty much sum up the worst of it. From the disgusting act of touching wet food in the kitchen sink to the struggle of forgetting something as soon as you walk into a room, these pictures define the human experience.

1. The worst feeling ever.

2. This truly terrifying experience.

3. What’s the deal with this?

4. We all do this.

5. There’s no way you’re touching that.

6. You have to at least pretend.

7. You’re left wondering how the hell they made it look so good.

8. Everyone has this chair.

9. When Netflix lets you down.

10. The bag holder has all the power.

11. When ordering stuff online.

12. Even pouring yourself a drink can result in disaster.

13. Trying to be polite has its downsides.

14. When you have pets this is what happens.

15. You can never escape.

16. When your parents drop this bombshell on you.

17. Cooking the right amount of pasta is a near impossible task.

18. Mums will do this no matter how old you are.

19. The struggle of the password.

20. When this happens.

21. Every piece of dust to ever have existed must be right here.

22. Everyone does this, even for work.

23. Some of the worst conversations are had at this table.

24. You just have to sit back and wait for it to all blow over.

25. Finally, when this shit happens.


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