The 20 Greatest Snapchats of All Time

Snapchats that should never disappear.
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Snapchats are only supposed to last for a maximum of 10 seconds, but some of them are so damn hilarious they deserve to stay with us forever. Here are 20 Snapchats that should never disappear.

1. When this guy revealed his secrets to having a good time.

2. When this girl got bored during class.

3. When someone managed to turn a cup into a compliment.

4. When this person turned their poor test results into something amazing.

5. When this persons day was looking great until disaster struck and they gave up all hope.

6. When this person revealed the best chocolate pun ever.

7. When this person made a discovery that made them start questioning everything.

8. When someone took pity on a woman eating by herself.

9. When a 'grown ass man' managed to get his figure stuck at Chipotle.

10. When this guy could figure out why he failed political science.

11. When this person had a close encounter with a bee.

funniest ever snapchats 11.jpg

12. When this woman gave herself a confidence boost.

funniest ever snapchats 12.jpg

13. Or when someone decided to do this to a masterpiece.

14. When this person got themselves stuck in a giraffe traffic jam.

15. When this girl realised she needs to start getting out more.

16. When this person tried their best to improve upon the words of Shakespeare himself.

17. When this Snapchat told the not so funny truth about your love life.

18. When someone's mum did their very best to charge her iPhone.

19. When this guy discovered his best ever angle.

20. Finally, when this guy had a close encounter.