The 27 Funniest ‘Be Like Bill’ Memes in Existence

The “Be Like Bill” meme has been going viral recently across the internet with people adapting the it for all kinds of funny situations. The original meme featuring Bill was actually created by Eugeniu Croitoru from Milan. The idea behind Bill is simple, he’s a smart person who has common sense and doesn’t do annoying things and doesn’t take himself to seriously. 

With this in mind we’ve rounded up 27 of the funniest ‘be like bill’ memes there are and they’ll leave you laughing.

1. Bill doesn’t try and remind everyone what day it is through Facebook.

2. Bill does kind things without telling others because he’s smart and humble.

3. Bill doesn’t seek the attention of others with vague, moaning and depressing statuses on Facebook.

4. Bill respects nature.

5. Bill likes to keep things private, how they should be.

6. Bill understands that he’s not the only person on earth that has the ability to recognise snow.

7. Bill is considerate to others on their morning commute.

8. Bill knows when he should keep quiet.

9. Bill is a simple man who prefers to drink his coffee instead of photographing it.

10. Bill isn’t easily fooled.

11. Bill focuses more on exercising rather than posting about it online.

12. Bill knows that if you’re really having fun you don’t post pictures at a party.

13. Bill doesn’t send all of his friends endless game requests on Facebook.

14. Bill doesn’t seek attention online.

15. Bill knows his friends also have eyes.

16. Bill doesn’t try to jump on the bandwagon when a famous artist dies.

17. Bill doesn’t try and tell the world what his kids are up to every second of the day.

18. Bill doesn’t like to keep dragging up old memories.

19. Bill questions everything he reads on the internet.

20. Despite his amazing camera Bill knows he isn’t a photographer.

21. Bill doesn’t get offended by everything he sees.

22. Bill understands his friends don’t care about his fitness regime.

23. Bill doesn’t take selfies all the time.

24. Bill isn’t fooled by the ‘contests’ he see’s on Facebook.

25. Bill prefers to use his legs, like a normal human being.

26. Bill doesn’t try to push his views on to others.

27. Bill doesn’t make fun of others no matter what they believe.

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