19 Times Tumblr Had the Funniest Timing Ever

Every so often their are coincidences that happen in life that are too damn funny to go unnoticed and Tumblr certainly isn’t an exception. Thanks to some brilliant timing these tumblr feeds are now perfect.

1. When Harry likes what he was seeing.

2. When this guys point was proven in the best way possible.

3. When this compliment went to the person who needs it the most.

4. That one time when the stolen pony managed to break free.

5. When Holes took on an entirely new meaning.

6. When Kobe decided to try out some new shoes.

7. When this happened.

8. When this clock actually showed up at the perfect time.

9. When ‘Dank U’ was the best response ever.

10. When this showed up out of nowhere.

11. When Lion King suddenly got real.

12. When this romantic double post attempt when terribly wrong.

13. That time Stanley got labelled.

14.  When Daniel Radcliffe and this owl shared a moment together.

15. When Rick Astley showed up to help.

16. When Kim and Kanye were as impressed as we are with this cat.

17. That time Napoleon Dynamite showed up and shut everyone down.

18. When this important question was answered.

19. When someone tried to guess the post below and Michael Scott showed up.

h/t Imgur

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