20 Adorable Photos of Baby Polar Bears That Will Melt Your Heart

With international Polar Bear Day having only just passed we’ve rounded up 20 of the most adorable baby polar bear photos on the internet. The day aims to help raise awareness over global warming and the effects it’s having on the Arctic which has a direct effect on the adorable cubs you see below. Be careful though, they might just melt your heart.

Soren Koch of Hilmer and Koch Photography
Daisy Gilardini
Steve Kazlowski
Olga Dmitrieva
Anton Belovodchenko
Anton Belovodchenko
Tin Man
Soren Koch of Hilmer and Koch Photography
Sergei Gladyshev
Alexandra Beier
Thomas Mangelsen
Roie Galitz
Yves Adams
Colin Mackenzie

h/t boredpanda.com

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