Dog Adopts Baby Opossums, Gives Them Rides on Her Back

After these baby opossums were left without a mother as a result of a dog attack in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they found themselves in the hands of dog trainer Stephanie Maldonado who came across the four abandoned joeys that were so young they still hadn’t even opened their eyes!.

Things weren’t looking good for the joeys but Maldonado continued to care for them in the hopes that they would make a full recovery. It was at this point that her dog, Pretinha, stepped in to offer a loving paw, giving them the strength to recover. Stepping in as a mother figure Pretinha even gives them piggy back rides to a destination of their choosing!

Stephanie Maldonado from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, came across four abandoned baby opossums and decided to take them into her care.

Things weren’t looking great for the joeys which were so young they still hadn’t even opened their eyes.

She continued to care for them until they were introduced to Stephanine’s dog, Pretinha.

“It’s very nice to see all the care that she has with them, licking them all the time and nestling them.”

Now better, they can often be found taking rides on Pretinha’s back!. When the joeys are old enough Stephanie plans on returning them to the wild.

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