Guy Falls Asleep at Work and Becomes the Internets Latest Photoshop Victim

Falling asleep at work might sound appealing but when something as hilarious as this can happen it’s probably best that you stick to the coffee rather than try and get a few minutes of rest, something that Reddit user TheOrangeDuke had to learn the hard way after falling asleep on his second day as an intern at a tech startup.

It didn’t go unnoticed by his associates either who saw the opportunity to take a selfie with their victim, posting the photo online. As it is these days, the photo quickly made it’s way on to Reddit with an open invitation for it’s users to Photoshop the photo. People of course responded and some of the adventures they’ve taken him on are hilarious…

1. Seeing More Than Double

2. Zzzz…

3. Venus

4. Let Him Be

5. Homer Simspon

6. Elton John

7. I’m Awake, I Swear!

8. The Last Supper

9. Rock on!

10. That Guy From Game Of Thrones

11. The Ultimate Selfie

12. Dreaming…

13. You Don’t Say

14. The Hangover

15With Indonesian House Of People’s Representatives

16. Titanic

17. On The Job

18. Sleeping Beauty

h/t Boredpanda, Reddit

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