Husband Asks Wife to Write down Everything on Her Mind, Gets Way More than He Bargained For

Stephen from the US recently posted a drawing from his wife that’s been going viral for all the right reasons. He asked his wife to draw everything she was thinking at the time and the end result is a complex and rather elaborate map full of thoughts on just about everything, from the kids to work and everything in between the map shows that it’s far from ‘nothing’.

“She’s always telling me that she has trouble falling asleep” Stephen told Bored Panda. After this drawing it’s clear to see why that is, but we’re sure that she’s not alone when it comes to having a lot on her mind – it probably resembles a lot of peoples minds!. “She often mentions that I would not be able to survive a day in her brain and after seeing this drawing, I just may believe her.”

Reddit user Stephen asked his wife to write down everything that was on her mind…

What he got in return was way more than he bargained for….

From juggling work, household chores and bills, the elaborate map covers just about everything…. the kids even get their own map!

But of course, her husband is still on her mind for some of cutest reasons…

And for other reasons too…

Source: bpwwhirl

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