Marine Biologist Shows Just How Small Baby Swordfish Are

If you’ve ever wondered what a baby swordfish looks like then here’s you answer, it’s adorable. Marine biologist Juan C. Levesque recently shared this photo of a tiny swordfish on the tip of his finger revealing that they’re so small they need to be measured in just millimetres, a stark contrast to the 3 metres in length that it will be once fully grown!.

Swordfish develop quickly and can easily grow to 39 inches within their first year. Research has suggested that they can grow anywhere between one-eighth and one-quarter of an inch in just a day.

For a fish titled “Gladiator of the sea” this baby swordfish looks pretty defenceless, but don’t let that fool you says Levesque “these fish are fighters from day one.” From day one this little guy feeds on other fish larvae.


h/t Boredpanda

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