Penguin in Japan Happily Walks to Local Fish Market Everyday for Lunch

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Here's something you're unlikely to see walking down your street if you look out the window, a penguin on her way to the local fish market to get her favourite meal.

In Japan there's a King Penguin named Lala that does exactly this. Lala was rescued by a local fisherman after getting trapped in fishing line and was then taken in by the fisherman's family in Shibushi City to be nursed back to health.

One day they took Lala to the fish market and she enjoyed it so much she wanted to keep going back, not surprising considering that to a penguin a fish market is pretty much the human equivalent of a candy store. Because she wanted to keep going back they trained Lala to walk herself to the fish market every day with a penguin backpack so she can collect her lunch. How adorable!