These Posters Are Everything You Hate About Travelling on London's Underground

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For those of you that travel the London Underground frequently you may have noticed something different about the adverts on display with a number of 'tube courtesy’ posters popping up at various platforms. These are the work of French illustrator Matthieu Bessudo, also known as McBess.

Their aim is to address everyone's biggest annoyances whilst travelling on the tube in the hope that people will be more aware of others around them, but for some they simply miss the mark. Instead, people have started to create their own 'Travel Better London' posters that really do highlight the behaviour and mannerisms of some passengers in hilarious fashion.

funny london underground posters 1.jpg
funny london underground posters 2.jpg
funny london underground posters 3.jpg
funny london underground posters 4.jpg

You can see the originals here.