This Image of Mark Zuckerberg Is Absolutely Terrifying

A scary look at humanity's future.
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Looking like a villain from a movie that's planning world domination this image of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is absolutely terrifying, even if it is totally innocent.

There are plenty of futuristic dystopian movies in which technology takes over humanity, normally lead by a single leader. In this photo that leader just so happens to be Zuckerberg himself, looking incredibly content as he walks past a sea of people who appear to be plugged in to some sort of virtual reality. The photo was in fact taken at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona and is eerily reminiscent of the 1984 Apple advert directed by Ridley Scott.

With virtual reality still very much in it's infancy considering it's still yet to trickle down to your average consumer perhaps this is a look at what tech entrepreneurs like Zuckerberg envision our future will look like, only time will tell.

scary image of mark zuckerberg.jpg

h/t Ultralinx