Van Gogh's Famous Bedroom Can Now Be Rented on AirBnb

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Replicating artwork in real life is never easy yet the Art Institute of Chicago has done an incredible job of bringing one of Van Gogh's most famous artworks to life, The Bedroom. The room is actually available to rent on AirBnb and features every detail in the original artwork, from matching picture frames, the bedding and even the obscure flooring and walls.

The installation was created to celebrate an exhibition that's running along side titled “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms,” themed around three paintings the artist created from 1888 to 1889 that feature his domestic space. It will also include 36 other works by Van Gogh and will be open until May 10, 2016.

van gogh airbnb bedroom 1.jpg
van gogh airbnb bedroom 2.jpg
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