19 Inanimate Objects That Are Setting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

How are they so damn perfect!?
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Have you ever spotted something that looks so damn satisfying it then soothes your soul and suddenly everything is right in the world? these 19 inanimate objects are exactly that. We're used to seeing unrealistic beauty standard set by the media but these inanimate objects don't need to even try, they're already flawless.

1. This impressive ball constructed from binder clips.

2. This fried egg which is so perfect it's almost a crime to eat it.

3. This glorious tower of books.

4. This couple that are clearly meant to be together.

5. Whoever made this set really does deserve a raise.

6. Marvel at the way that these gummy bears are joined together.

7. This bench which is just showing off with its fancy double helix pattern.

8. The most beautiful McMuffin to ever enter this world.

9. These matches which are burnt but still manage to look flawless.

10. These perfectly stacked highlighters which are so good to look at.

11. Sometimes things are just meant to be. This is one of them.

12. This amazing chocolate which looks almost too perfect to eat.

13. These post-it-notes which are beautiful to look at.

14. This stone which is absolutely flawless.

15. The curves on this damn ice cream.

16. This orange with all the right gaps in all the right places.

17. This HOMEMADE cookie which is perfectly round.

18. This glorious ice casing.

19. Finally, these coins.

h/t Buzzfeed