21 Perfect Responses to the Question ‘How’s Life?”

It’s the question you always get asked always respond to with a “brilliant thanks” or “fine, and yourself?” whist dying on the inside. Sure, life might be brilliant sometimes, but most of the time you’ll lie through your teeth just avoid burdening someone else with all your problems. If only you could show them one of these photos instead…

1. “How’s life going?”

2. “How’s life treating you?”

3. “Are you holding up well?”

4. “Work going well?”

5. “How have you been?”

6. “Everything going well?”

7. “Had much luck recently?”

8. “How’s your day going?”

9. “Been up to much recently?”

10. “Everything ok?”

11. “What’s new?

12. “Been up to much recently?”

13. “How are things?”

14. “Everything ok with you?”

15. “How are you handling things?”

16. “Everything going ok?”

17. “I hope life’s been treating you well”

18. “What have you been up to?”

19. “Had much luck come your way?”

20. “How are you holding up?”

21. Finally.

h/t Buzzfeed

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