21 Photos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh out Loud

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Here for your laughter we've rounded up 21 photos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face at the very least.

1. This interesting take on foot protection and safety in the lab.

2. Finally, some good advice.

3. The kind of review that you actually want to see on makeup.

4. This heart crushing memorial to a lost soul.

5. This first class service from the mail man.

6. This cat who's arrival was written in the stars.

7. Supermarket Sainsbury's doing their very best to substitute flowers with spring onions.

8. This brilliant response.

9. This absolute lack of self-awareness.

10. This terrible occurrence which is funny to everyone other than the person holding the ticket.

11. This dad and his attempt to dress his children up for World Book Day.

12. The truth about Facebook's new like buttons.

13. This guy who's clearly raised an absolute psychopath.

14. This store which is selling literally anything you want at whatever price.

15. Technology: have we come to far?

16. When this boy dropped his Doritos and decided to have a moment of silence.

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17. This disaster which could have been avoided if the company employed humans and not dogs.

18. This wrong number response.

19. The most romantic conversation to ever have taken place.

20. The eye test that clearly didn't go all that well.

21. Finally, the delivery man who did his best.

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h/t Buzzfeed