22 People That Accidentally Dressed Like Inanimate Objects

Who wore it better!?
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Wearing the same outfit as a friend, family member or even just a passer by you spot in public can be awkward, but what happens when you're accidentally dressed like the seat you're sitting in!?. It might sound like a nightmare for some, but the chances are nobody will really notice... unless of course you're unlucky enough to be one the people in the photos below. Opinions on fashion sense and questionable taste aside, the real question is who wore it better?

1. She needs that phone case in her life.

2. Not to pleased about being dressed as a chair.

3. Despite looking like a Vitamin bottle this top is actually quite cool.

4. Dressed like an Oyster card.

5. Oh no, where has she gone!?

6. This is a work of art.

7. They were made for each other!

8. When you're dressed like the floor.

9. This is strangely satisfying.

10. She'll never wear that dress whilst taking the bus ever again.

11. What are we looking at here? all I can see is some shoes.

12. When you're dressed like a highlighter.

13. Twins!?

14. A match made in heaven.

15. At the airport, what are the chances!

16. People dressing like public transport seems to be pretty common...

17. But the real enemy appears to be sofas...

18. Because they catch people out.

19. They catch people out a lot.

20. Even floors are at it.

21. She dressed like the hotel hallway.

22. Finally, this kid has mastered cosplay.

h/t Mymodernmet