Designers Create a Duvet Suit for People That Seriously Love Their Sleep

Sleep anywhere, anytime.
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Facing the morning commute is never easy, especially if you didn't get those few extra hours or even minutes that you promised yourself you would get the night before, but thanks to the 'Suvet' lack of sleep can now be a thing of the past, sort of.

The people behind the Suvet, the Jurys Inn Hotel Group, decided to survey 2,500 brits and found that over half of those surveyed more than half (56%) already found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for a number of reasons including the bed is too comfy (28%) lack of sleep (42%) and fear of the working day ahead (31%).

Naturally they couldn't come up with a fix for people who hate the thought of work, but they have come up with a solution to the lack of sleep, warmth and comfiness experienced when getting out of bed. At the moment the Suvet is just a prototype although production could start if there is enough interest. 

Wearing this through the streets of London might get you some odd looks, it may even cause others to avoid you (probably a bonus). But if it means that duvet day is everyday then the odd looks are worth it.

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