When It Comes to Leaving the Park This Dog Plays Dead to Stay Longer

He's got it all figured out.
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When it comes to long walks in the park this Golden Retriever just can't get enough which is why he's hatched a brilliant plan to make it last as long as possible, by playing dead. It may sound like an extreme measure, but if it means a few extra seconds breathing in that fresh park air it's certainly worth it.

It works as well, as the dog was recently filmed at the Piedmont Park in Atlanta trying to fool his owner. "Go on without me" was probably what the Golden was thinking however that was never going to happen and after a lot of pulling and coaxing from his owner he finally gets up!

“Go on without me human, leave me in this heavenly place”

dog learns to play dead 1.jpg

“Sorry, leaving isn't an option, i'm dead now.”


Refusing to move, the owner decided to go for a move than never fails to bring the pooch back to life...


“The stick-in-the-mouth trick is what got him to get his butt up,” reads the videos description.

dog learns to play dead 3.jpg

Watch the struggle here:

h/t Boredpanda