Incredibly Short Versions of Famous Books for People That Can't Be Bothered

For the articulate but lazy people out there.
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When it comes to reading classic novels there are three types of people, those that have read them, those that will never read them and those that keep promising to make a start but never do. For those that genuinely do enjoy reading, hats off to you, but for the rest of us starting to read a classic novel can be incredibly daunting.

With this in mind Cartoonist John Atkinson has created these funny illustrations which summarise novels such as War And Peace, Moby Dick and Don Quixote into just a few sentences so that the more lazy amongst us can enjoy them too!.

In all seriousness though you should really read these books when you get a chance... but be warned, there are some spoilers here...

shortened version of classic books 1.jpg
shortened version of classic books 2.jpg