Paris Aquarium Allows Guest to Sleep in Glass Room Surrounded by Sharks

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That's right, there's an Airbnb in Paris that will let you sleep in a glass cube that's submerged 10 meters deep in water and is surrounded by no more the 35 very real live sharks. The rooms transparent walls offer guests stunning views of the surrounding aquatic life, although trying to get some sleep in this place would be easier said than done.

The unusual accommodation is located in the Aquarium de Paris which is allowing three lucky winners and their companions the chance to stay in the suite over night. Winners will also be greeted by their host Fred Buyle—a record-breaking freediver and shark enthusiast who will also give them a private tour of the entire aquarium. 

As far as cool Airbnb's go this one has to be one of the most extreme and unique we've ever seen. One word of advice, those lucky enough to stay in the room should avoid seeing Jaws before they go!. You can find out more on Airbnb's website.

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h/t mymodernmet