People Are Using Jello in the Strangest Way and It's Beautiful to Watch

A feast for your eyes.
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In a new trend that's sweeping across the internet people are taking empty beverage bottles, filling them with jello, wrapping them with the old label and then slicing the 'jello bottles' up into pieces in what can only be described as the most beautiful thing ever - a feast for your eyes!

At first it's a little unnerving to see someone take a knife to an apparently full bottle of drink, but you just can't look away. Using a mixture of gelatin, water and food colouring some pretty vibrant combinations are born and to top it all off the label and cap from the original drink is reused. We don't know about you, but we can barely look away!

People are using jello to create wobbly versions of soft drinks...

And sometimes even gallons of milk!

First they pour water, gelatin and food colouring into an empty bottle.

Then once set they carefully cut away the plastic bottle before adding the old label and cap back on.

Then the slicing begins!

Which is beautiful to watch.

This must be what jello was made for.

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h/t Buzzfeed