This Is What Can Happen When a Stock Photographer Gets It Seriously Wrong

Mistakes were made.
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The internet is full of funny looking stock photographs, in fact there's so many of them that if you can think of a scenario, no matter how obscure it might be, there's probably a stock photo for it. These photos however aren't so funny, especially when you learn the story behind them.

Stock photos serve as a way to educate and inform, but when the photographer taking them doesn't have a clue things like this can happen. At first glance they everything appears normal in these photos, until you look closely at what it is the models are holding and how they're holding them. They are soldering irons, devices that are used to heat up solder to join wires together and operate and temperatures of around 600F (315C) and higher!.

Since the photo of the lady in pink went viral online for the mishap they have since been pulled from shutter stock however there are two others (see below) which remain on the site. People have taken to Twitter to mock the situation suggesting that moments after the photos were taken the models got rushed to hospital with severe burns. Whatever the truth, this just proves that if you don't know what you're doing or if you're unsure then it's best to ask questions.

This stock photo recently appeared online and went viral...

stock photography gone wrong 2.jpg

It seems innocent enough until you notice the way in which the woman is holding the soldering iron.

stock photography gone wrong 3.jpg

The metal part that the models are holding heats up to temperatures of 600F (315C) and higher!

stock photography gone wrong 4.jpg

Which has prompted many to start making up scenarios that could have happened had the device been switched on!

stock photography gone wrong 1.jpg

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