22 Hilarious Examples of Adverts That Don't Quite Live up to Expectations

False advertising at its funniest.
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To avoid disappointment it's always best to try and manage your expectations and not take everything you see or hear literally, especially when it comes to the ploys that marketers use to try and lure us in. 

That's not to say that all companies are guilty of false advertising, but for those that do people can take to sharing their hilarious 'expectation vs. reality' comparisons online to name and shame. That being said, most of these are so obvious they're more hilarious than they are deceiving.

1. So many cranberries.

2. Alien balloons.

3. Not suitable for climbing, that's interesting.

4. Built on a foundation of lies.

5. This berry loaf seems to be missing something.

6. The easter bunny, a true master of disguise.

7. Well that's christmas ruined then.

8. Sir, there seems to be something strange about your dog.

9. Not quite the blast it was made out to be!

10. The resemblance is quite striking with this one.

11. What kind of panda is this?

12. Not even a single mushroom.

13. No broccoli cuts here, just a bag of disappointment.

14. So much for 'two scoops'!

15. Healthy for one good reason.

16. Tweetie Pie doesn't look so good.

17. With just a sprinkling oregano.

18. What you get for buying ribeye steak that only costs a dollar.

19. Now with 80% less fun.

20. This unusual looking musical instrument.

funny false advertising 20.jpg

21. The rarest of all historic creatures, the Dinocat.

22. Forget SpongeBob this is more like a nightmare.