25 Animal Photos That Will Leave You More Confused than Ever Before

Animals are so strange.
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Ever see a photo online that leaves you asking more questions than it answers? these 25 animal photos do exactly that. From the weird, the strange and then damn right hilarious these photos are brilliant.

1. Did someone not feed this giraffe?

2. This hippo totally understands everything.

3. Why's this squirrel suddenly got a pumpkin head.

funny confusing animal photos 3.jpg

4. One seriously greedy cat.

funny confusing animal photos 4.jpg

5. This dog that's afraid he won't be able to stop once he pops.

6. Who trained this cat to sit on a toilet.

7. These monkeys which are clearly regretting their decisions.

8. This cat that's totally chill.

funny confusing animal photos 8.jpg

9. This cat which didn't agree to a selfie.

10. This family portrait.

11. Whatever's going on in this photo.

12. What has got this goat so angry?

13. This dog just chilling in a bucket.

14. This horse who's clearly done a really bad thing.

15. This dogs smile.

16. This cat who's really not having a good time.

17. Bailey the dog who just wants to iron her damn shirt.

18. This creepy ritual.

19. This horse that's dressing fresh for the summer.

20. This dog that's just trying to get comfy.

21. The cat that's ready to run!

22. This beach ready pooch who's been working on her summer body.

23. This drunk dog.

24. This little Starbucks mascot.

25. Finally, this dog who just wanted cake, not pasta.