Artist Gives Italian Kindergarten Vibrant Fairytale Makeover

If there’s one thing that we know about Okuda San Miguel, it’s that every building the talented artist gets a chance to work on is automatically transformed into a beautiful work of art. Previously we’ve featured his work on transforming an abandoned church into a one of a kind skatepark and even more recently his efforts in turning this Moroccan church into one giant block of colour.

This time Miguel visited the Italian town of Arcugnano with his assistant Antonyo Marest to paint five different murals on the town’s kindergarten and the transformation is nothing short of amazing. The five murals depict bears, birds and even a winged lion which adds in a mystical fairytale-like element to match the murals vibrant colours.

Finished in Miguel’s own unique style which typically uses prismatic shapes there’s not a lot you can’t love about what they’ve done and we’re sure the kids love the artwork even more. You can see more of his work on Instagram.

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