Guy Reads Inappropriate Fake Books on Subway and Captures How People React

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People read for all kinds of reason, whether it's because they enjoy it or because they want to give off the impression that they're more intellectual or intelligent than others, everyone has their own motivation to read but when it comes to reading this guy is truly unique.

Rather than pretend to others that he's in to reading classic novels, comedian Scott Rogowsky recently took to New York's subway with his own made up book covers specifically designed to raise eyebrows and provoke a reaction from random members of the public. From How to Hold a Fart In, Slut-Shaming Your Baby and even A Beginner’s Guide To Human Taxidermy these interesting works of literature certainly made a few smile.

When this guy decided to make his own book covers and take to the Subway people had different reactions. Some laughed...

man puts funny book covers on subway 2.jpg

Others couldn't quite believe what they where seeing and decided to look the other way...

man puts funny book covers on subway 1.jpg

And others let their confusion and amusement be known to everyone else.

man puts funny book covers on subway 3.jpg

Watch the whole video here: