More Than 600 Corgis Just Had the Best Beach Day Ever

They know how to party.
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Corgis, often mistaken for loafs of bread are charming little dogs who can often be seen wearing big smiles and more recently attending some of the best beach parties you've ever seen. On their own they're cute enough, but when you get 600 of them together at once you've got a real party on your hands.

The SoCal Corgi Beach Day took place on April 9th at Huntington Beach in California and was a meet up for the loveable dogs with a schedule filled to the brim with fun activities for both owner and dog including a kissing booth, a bathing suit competition and a competition for the best corgi booty. There was also merchandise on sale with all of the proceeds going to the Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.

Checkout the day in the pictures below... but be warned, you'll be left upset that you didn't get an invite.


h/t Mymodernmet