Something Literally Doesn’t Add up About Drake’s New Album Cover

On his 2013 album cover for Nothing Was the Same a cartoon version of Drake, the world famous Canadian rapper, could quite literally be seen with his head in the clouds, a theme that he’s now decided to return too for his hotly anticipated album View From the 6, except something doesn’t quite add up.

The album cover which features the man himself sat on top of Toronto’s famous CN Tower has caught the eye of internet users everywhere, not only because you’re left wondering how he managed to get himself up there in the first place but also because of how big he is in the photo, a factor easily overlooked until you consider that the CN tower is 457m tall.

With this in mind a Reddit user decided to do some basic math to figure out just how tall Drake is in his new album cover and the answer is almost 12ft, a true giant and quite literally worthy of his self titled nickname ‘6 God.’ Truth be told though, the fixed version doesn’t quite have the same impact. Check it out below.


Here it is fixed.


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