What Happens When a Photographer Attaches LED's to a Drone Is Haunting

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The work of Reuben Wu can only be described as otherworldly, that's why we've covered some of his amazing work before and now he's back with another dramatic series that this time involves LED lights and a drone, titled Lux Noctis.

This time around Wu travelled to the western side of the United States to visit several locations including New Mexico and Mono Lake in California, choosing to photograph some of the most unusual and impressive rock formations in the area at night, only illuminated by a powerful LED light attached to a 3DR Solo drone.

Taken before moonrise the photos are inspired by themes surrounding planetary exploration that can be dated back to 19th century and share the same sort of imagery you'd find in an old sci-fi movie. You can learn more about the project here.

Source: reubenwu.com

h/t Mymodernmet