10 Cosmos Inspired Sweets That Are out of This World

As you probably know, actual space food leaves a lot to be desired and rarely ever looks appetising – a lot of it does come in powder and liquid form after all!. These cosmos inspired foods however only share one similarity with real space food, they’re out of this world!. Whether it’s lollipops that resemble the solar system or cupcakes that look like galaxies, these sweet space inspired foods look delicious.

1. Solar System Lollipops

2. Space Jam Macarons

3. Nebula Cake

4. Northern Lights Cake

5. Jupiter & Earth Layer Cake

6. Ursa Major Cake

7. Galaxy Cupcakes

8. Galaxy Cookies

9. Zodiac Constellation Cake

10. Galaxy Cupcakes

h/t Boredpanda

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