18 Times Accidental Art Was Way Better Than Any Planned Masterpiece

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Some of the worlds most expensive artworks are an impressive sight, but then again they've been planned, constructed and reworked until the artist was happy with a lot of thought out and hours having gone into creating them. 

These accidental artworks on the other hand are equally as beautiful to look at, yet they happened by chance. We're not saying that these photos are ever going to rival the works of some of histories best artists, but there's something quite special about the fact that these accidents and random occurrences turned into something beautiful.

1. Paint before it's mixed together.

2. An accidental drop of black paint forms the silhouette of a deer.

3. Coffee at the bottom a mug forms a forest.

4. Acrylic paint dumped into a sink.

5. Volcanic eruption inside a tin of paint.

6. Polished layers of car paint.

7. This dog chose the wrong place to take a nap.

8. Tinting paste dropped into paint.

9. What happens when the triple foam at the car wash breaks.

10. A truck carrying 14 tons of paint tips over and paints the road.



11. "My paint fell on the floor and it looks way better than anything I've done."

12. The sink after a day of art.

13. What happens when you take a photo by accident whilst it's at your side.

14. When rain and pollen mix together.

15. Painting being washed away down the sink.

16. New Yorks skyline photographed from a moving boat.

17. When a truck carrying a lot of paint decides to leave a trail.

18. Acrylic paint left to drain down the plug hole.