21 Photos So Satisfying All of Your Troubles Will Disappear

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Whether you're a perfectionist or not it's hard to resist the oddly satisfying feeling you get when you spot something that is just so right, whether it's something that fits perfectly or looks flawless. Here are 21 photos that are the very definition of satisfying.

1. This beautifully glazed cake.

2. The way this desk just fits.

3. These perfectly rounded pancakes.

4. This bath rug that knows its place.

5. A hexagon of oil in a pan.

6. This perfect cast made by paint.

7. This cable management... perfect.

8. How to spot a perfectionist.

9. This flawless pizza.

10. This strange looking foam.

11. The balance is calming.

12. The wake on this lake.

13. These camouflaged shoes.

14. Possibly the most perfect tick of all time.

15. The way this barcode is actually part of the design.

16. This mattress and doorway were made for each other.

17. This perfect impression of a door in the snow.

satisfying images 17.jpg

18. The icing on this cake.

19. The way these beers fit.

20. This flawless paint.

21. Finally, nature doing it best with this perfect flower.

satisfying images 21.jpg