28 Child Geniuses That Are Clearly Going to Go Far in Life

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Although kids aren't often considered the smartest people in the world, they're still learning after all, but every so often they show moments of pure genius. Sat down in front of test papers kids don't always interpret questions as intended by the adults that wrote them and they also have a pretty funny sense of human which then results in some priceless answers.

Here are 28 child geniuses that are clearly going to go far in life.

1. This kid is going places.

2. So is this problem solver.

3. This kid decided to change the answer to be more humane... and did a brilliant job.

4. This kid has got the right idea.

5. Taxonomy

6. This kid is a realist.

7. They're not wrong either.

8. This kid is a total smart ass.

9. Just giving them what they asked for.

10. Well, we were all thinking it as well.

11. Honesty is the best policy.

12. This kid is going places.

13. Giraffes are heartless creatures.

smartass kids who are going places 13.jpg

14. This kid has thought of everything!

15. It's that simple.

smartass kids who are going places 15.jpg

16. It's not what you think. His mum works in a home depot store and there had just been a blizzard. That's actually a shovel.

17. Bob the square looks dashing in orange.

18. Nice try!

smartass kids who are going places 18.jpg

19. Wise words indeed.

20. A chemist in the making!

smartass kids who are going places 20.jpg

21.  The teacher is completely fine with these funny comments.

22. This kid absolutley nailed it.

23. This kid has real hopes and dreams for the future.

24. One word answers that nail it are always the best.

smartass kids who are going places 24.jpg

25. Ok sure, just doing as i'm told...

26. We can all relate to Albert.

27. Sometimes life is all about the simpler things.

28. Finally, the plant cell.