37 Photographs So Perfect No Amount of Photoshop Can Improve Them

No Photoshop required.

We're so used to seeing amazing images online that clog up our Facebook and Instagram feeds that reality often fails to live up to the amazing expectations that these heavily edited photos promise, yet there are photos out there that still amaze without the aid of photo editing software like Photoshop. Each of these 35 photos are so perfect that no amount of Photoshop could possibly make them better.

1. What happens when you throw hot water into the air in sub zero temperatures.

2. A perfectly timed photograph of a wet spinning tennis ball that looks like a miniature galaxy.

3. Two worlds divided in New York, USA.

4. Millions of flowers blossom into a sea of blue at Japan's Hitachi Seaside Park.

5. An eagle swoops down over a lake in Canada.

6. An aerial view of an Italian beach during the summer.

7. Yunnan, China. No photoshop required.

8. Bioluminescent Hotaru Ika firefly squids illuminate a beach in Japan.

9. A flock of flamingos gather in the shape of a giant flamingo in Yucatan Peninsula.

10. Lake Natron, Tanzania, viewed from above.

11. A huge sand dune in the Namib Desert.

12. Westerdok Disctrict, Amsterdam.

13. Perfect timing as a plane passes over a woven wooden structure. 

14. Butterfly lands on the nose of a turtle.

15. A husky appears to walk on water crossing a frozen lake.

16. A huge flock of birds form a ' bird tornado'.

17. A helicopter passes in front of Yosemite Waterfall, USA.

18. This eagle is already looking fabulous and doesn't need any Photoshop.

19. Lizard strikes a pose playing his leaf guitar.

20. Teeth of the sea.

21. A huge diamond mine in Mirny, Yakutia, Russia.

22. Mountain or huge wave?

23. A Jeep leaves its ice ghost behind.

images that dont need photoshop 24.jpg

24. The Royal British Navy putting on a show.

25. The aftermath of a flood in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

26. A long exposure photography of a mountain in Greece gives of the illusion that it's on fire.

27. China’s Gansu Province.

28. Halophilic micro organisms create pink water at Lake Retba.

29. Owl takes shelter from the rain, doesn't look too happy.

30. Moonrise over Madrid, Spain.

31. Rainbow and lightning in the same photo.

32. Garrett McNamara Surfing a 100ft wave in Nazare, Portugal.

33. Times Square, New York City.

34. A boat slowly breaks its way through ice.

35. Two squirrels use the force.

36. Contestants at an annual base jumping competition in Norway.

Ratmir Nagimyanov

Ratmir Nagimyanov

37. A jet the moment it breaks the sound barrier.

Darek Siusta

Darek Siusta