Costa Rica Is Home to an Institute Dedicated to Baby Sloths Who’ve Lost Their Mums

That’s right, Costa Rica is home to a haven for one of the world’s most loveable and underrated animals, the sloth. The institute has been helping baby sloths return to the wild since it was founded by Sam Trull in 2013 with the main goals being to research into captive and wild sloths, work with other sloth institutions around the world and help spread information and awareness to the rest of the world about these loveable creatures.

Firmly committed to making sure as many sloths as possible get the right chance in life Trull even has her very own book about the beloved animals called Slothlove. Like everyone Trull is drawn to their relaxed and peaceful nature, “how can I not be drawn to species that just want to eat their leaves, relax in the sunshine and the breeze and have a good scratch?!,” she says, and we couldn’t agree more.

The arrival of humans to areas where sloths live and their activities puts them under a lot of threat which is what prompted Trull to start the Sloth Institute Costa Rica in the first place.

Humans pose a huge threat to sloth populations

Which is why Sam Trull founded the Sloth Institute Costa Rica in 2013

Here she is with Kermie, the first sloth that Trull rescued and the inspiration behind the foundation

The institutes aim is to return baby sloths to the wild after losing their mums

Human obstacles in their natural habitats often cause them harm

Obstacles such as roads and power lines can be incredibly difficult for them to navigate

The institute takes a relaxed approach to rehabilitating the sloths as they’re allowed to mature at their own pace

They’re also under threat from those that are ruining their habitat

Sloths need a lot of trees, and the right kind at that in order to survive. When they’re taken away it can be incredibly stressful for them

There’s also the issue of people taking sloths from their habitats. “Those industries steal sloths from the wild for tourists to touch and the sloths die from stress”

“In addition, humans come with electric wires, cars, dogs…”

But despite all of the hazards that now sadly exist for sloths, it’s good to know that someone is looking out for them

You can learn more about the Sloth Institute Costa Rica here.


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