Guy Gives up on Finding Prom Date, Decides to Take His Cat Instead

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Sometimes finding a date to ask to prom can be tough, which is why Sam Steingard decided to remove that pressure all together. With the date for prom looming ever closer the 18-year-old still hadn't found himself a date to take so instead of going it alone he did what anyone else would have done, he bought along his cat Ruby.

For those worried that Ruby maybe have been a little overwhelmed by the whole event don't worry, Sam didn't actually take Ruby to the dance, but he did pose with her in the photos you see below which where then uploaded by Sam's sister Caroline. The photos quickly spread across the internet and it's easy to see why, the pair look adorable together in their outfits. What a cute couple!

guy takes cat ruby to prom 4.jpg
guy takes cat ruby to prom 3.jpg
guy takes cat ruby to prom 2.jpg
guy takes cat ruby to prom 1.jpg
guy takes cat ruby to prom 5.jpg

h/t Boredpanda