Surreal Bookstore in China Uses Mirrors to Create a Never Ending Illusion

A bookstore is already an amazing place to get lost in, but imagine one in which the walls and ceilings are made from mirrors, turning the entire place into one truly surreal place to explore. One such shop that’s taken this approach is the XL-MUSE in Hangzhou, China, which features a labyrinthian interior that uses cleverly placed mirrors to create the illusion of a never ending row of books.

The bookstore is located on the main plaza of the commercial centre of Star Avenue, in the Binjiang district and inside is split into distinctive sections that include a relaxing reading room, a section full of white pillars and mirrors that rebound off of each other and a children’s play area filled with a train, merry-go-round and a ferris wheel. This place could quite literally be considered a bookworms heaven.

XL-MUSE: Website
via [Contemporist]

All images via Shao Feng.


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